Refer users to earn free credits

You can refer other people to sign up for Tuesday and earn free credits.
Each user you refer to Tuesday earns you 100 free credits - and there’s no cap to how many credits you can get this way.
The referral credits are given to your team workspace. So be sure to select the correct team workspace before continuing with this guide.

How to refer users

  1. Navigate to Settings → Credits
  1. Below the credit balance section, you’ll find your referral link. Copy this link and share it with others in Slack / Email / LinkedIn post / Twitter / etc to encourage other people to sign up
  1. You can also enter a list of email addresses and we’ll send an email to each person to let them know to sign up
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Mention us on Social Media

You can share your referral link on social with posts on LinkedIn and Twitter.
Mention our official social accounts:

How are credits awarded

When someone signs up following your link / referral email, and completes onboarding questions, the system will automatically credit your account.
Since the referral link and emails you share contains your referral code, the system is able to automatically make this happen!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team support@tuesday.so or use the live chat option.